Strong for too long

I keep it all inside because Id rather the pain destroy me than everyone else. #life #Pain #Quotes

This quote always makes me think think twice....maybe it will do the same for you?

It's hard, hiding emotions all the time. Hiding how damaged you really feel. But you fight through it so effortlessly, it's like the bad parts of you aren't even there. But they are. Deep inside you.

Don't ask why someone keeps hurting you Ask why you keep letting them | Inspirational Quotes

A strong woman knows how to keep her life in line.

So true :)


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Life Quote

Cry as much as you want to, but just make sure when your finished, you never cry for the same reason again.~Wiz Khalifa

true sentiment.

So true

God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn't

How true.



So true


90% is the wrong tone of voice, so true

so true