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    Oh Charlie sheen #quotes #sayings #IGIGI #IGIGIQuotes

    These aren't fun facts! According to the I'm gonna die 9 yrs earlier then right handed people & my blue eyes mean I'm mutated.....

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    11 Cool Facts

    Amazing Ocean Facts!

    It seriously works!!

    Life hacks!

    I still want it!


    7 Interesting Random Facts Of The Day… these are the best life hacks EVER. I'm really going to use these.


    Random Facts- also... WHAT PERSON MASTURBATES THAT MUCH IN A DAY?!?!?!

    Blew my mind!!

    It works too!

    kate middleton

    Somebody needs to learn their mathematics again… ’cause 150 milliseconds is not 0,015 seconds but 0,15 seconds… Else you could blink more than 50 times per second…

    Some Interesting Facts except 10% of the human population is left-handed not 7%. Historically it's always been 10% since humans evolved.

    Random facts....omg if redheads are extinct by 2060..i wont be alive...scary