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  • Dawn Bliss

    Salt Watercolor Art...

  • Teachers' School Supply

    COLORFUL ART PROJECT - Batik on Paper + Salt Watercolor Experimentation

  • Darya Bowen

    Chalk in My Pocket: Batik on Paper + Salt Watercolor Experimentation Grab some Elmer's Blue School Gel and "draw" all over a piece of water color paper with it. Let the glue dry, the longer it dries, but more "3D" the painting will appear. We left it 8 hours. Once the glue is dry, paint over your picture and the glue using liquid watercolors. While the watercolors are still wet, sprinkle with salt (any kind in your kitchen will do)

  • Tara Whitney

    Kid Art Project: Use Elmers Blue School glue and create some sort of pattern, let it dry over night, paint over it in watercolor paint of your choice, and then sprinkle table salt on top.

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