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  • Catholic Mom

    Fun idea and cool way to get lots of use out of those nerf guns we bought the kids for Christmas. :)

  • Melissa Santana

    Yes I've seen this before, but I'm pinning so that oneday when I browse my pins, I'll remember!

  • Heather Brandt

    haha everytime we go to walmart we linger in the nerfgun aisle!

  • Jill Anneler

    Date Night In: Just what we need - nerf guns!! Ty would love this

  • Marissa Vara

    Future husband beware I will ALWAYS be a kid at heart <3

  • Emily Loufik

    I am doing this, its such a cute idea. My husband put Nerf guns on our wedding registry and we got them!

  • Rachele Veal

    We didn't become this fun till we had kids. But post-kids ... bring on the Nerf wars!! =)

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