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Crate stools: the perfect combination of extra seating and much needed storage. This easy DIY project will brighten up your classroom décor and aid your classroom organization.

Ladybug's Teacher Files: Reader's & Writer's Workshop Routines

Classroom seating is going from metal chairs to alternative seating options! Check out 18 flexible seating options for your classroom! There are suggestions such as yoga balls, scoop rockers, wobble chairs, and more! Check out classroom furniture that you could get FOR FREE! Turn your classroom into a 21st century classroom with these flexible seating options!

These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Add some extra seating options with DIY crate stools.

A Modern Teacher: Mission Organization: 21 Ideas on Organizing Your Teacher Area

The Buoy is designed to be off-balance, like its namesake bobbing device, though not as extremely as a Pilates ball; the idea is that the microadjustments you're continually making with your body are not annoying enough to be a hassle, but adequate to burn some calories. Also unlike a Pilates ball, the Buoy is height-adjustable.

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Do You Wobble? {Wobble Chair Love}

Here are some of the top tips, tricks, ideas, strategies, for teaching first grade and the first grade classroom.

Stop the, "Teacher, how do you spell ___?!" syndrome and put the responsibility back on students when they need to spell words!

Miss V's Kinder Kraziness!: Flexible Seating HACK! DIY Stability Ball Chairs

Organizing Your Teacher Area: A Modern Teacher

During quiet reading time, just have the kids flip their chairs around and give them pillows to lounge on. | 35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget

Now why didn't I think of this??? And to think, I've been using post-its all this time

Students shouldn't have to sit in uncomfortable chairs all class. It is important that students are comfortable and are able to move while learning. These chairs can be used during reading groups. Students will have something to look forward to when they are doing their reading groups. Learning will be fun! The fact that the "chairs" are close to each other promote community building and collaborative learning.

Mission Organization: Teacher Style

CHAIRS = inner tubes wrapped in fabric. Kind of genius. perfect for reading corners Cute idea!

Add 1 clear sleeve for each month to teacher binder & insert birthday certificates & such...a great & simple idea!