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Clothes ¤ outfits ¤ summer ¤ winter ¤ fall ¤ spring ¤ women ¤ chilled ¤ party ¤ teens ♡ Catarina Alves

Helloooo color/side-cross necklace/petal waisted shorts/adorable sweetheart tube top. Too much to love all in one picture!

happyy happyy happy in the summma summa summmaaa ♥ (:

I love blazers. A patterned blazer pairs great with a solid colored jumper to match. Wedge high heels would finish the outfit perfectly! Cute outfit.

So easy, but just when you think you can buy the whole thing, you notice that the scarf costs $345!

This outfit looks is so cute! But maybe it's just on the model...Don't know if I could get away with it:)

Why couldn't my kids get married in the summer so I could get sandals like these for the weddings? These speak to me!

For colder weather. Love it, can't wait for the winter time

need these aviators and love this idea for a fresh summer outfit