First #car #radio was invented by Paul Gavin in 1929. #interesting #fact

Barnfind: 1930 L29 Cord Car that still has the WW2 gas rations sticker on the windshield. Untouched since 1952. Oxford, Connecticut. [MIC]. [967x1446].

Ford AC Shelby Cobra.

The 103-year-old Detroit Electric Model D that was thought for a century to be an evolutionary dead end but has now turned out to be way ahead of its time.

The Beverly Hillbillies Truck

Porsche 911 Turbo: evolution

Evolution of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar, from a 288GTO!!!

'57 Chevy

Press Play and see how an engine works...

1959 Plymouth Belvedere — Push-Button Transmission

The evolution of the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster from its introduction in 1952 through to the new 2013 model

Supercars at night! by Marius Saukevicius

Muscle Evolution

Range Rover Evolution

Heard all the myths about Hybrid cars? Don't believe them! These facts set the story straight...

Saab 9 Griffin Concept Car.

1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

Mustang, I want!!!

In just about any discussion of high-end sports cars, you can pretty much count on the mention of one manufacturer in particular: Ferrari. The iconic Italian brand is practically synonymous with flowing, sinewy body contours, racing-bred technology, painstaking craftsmanship and high horsepower. It's also synonymous with high cost. All that go-fast goodness, and the aura that comes with it, will cost you. A brand new Ferrari California would set you back around $192,000 as of mid 2010.

Art Dodge Coronet 69

Speed Racer