Tree House Restaurant By Pacific Environments Architects...

Yellow treehouse restaurant

Yellow treehouse restaurant, New Zealand

Tree House Restaurant, Decatur, Georgia

Fermette Marbeuf Restaurant, Paris

Door of the restaurant 'A La Coquille D'Or' in Paris (1er)

Banq Restaurant, Boston

This restaurant was in Le Plessis, just outside Paris. In the mid-19th century it was famous for its treehouse restaurants. Food and wine were delivered via a basket pulley.

One of my favourite restaurants in Paris ~ Cristal Room Baccarat


Restaurant Interior Design

Tree house.

pacific environments treehouse - auckland

I die. Underwater Restaurant, The Maldives Islands

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand // designed by architects Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects.

Puglia's cave restaurants and bars in Italy.

Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio

i love tree houses

tree house hotel

Tree House

tree house