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15 Easy Tips For Never Skipping Another Workout



Stress Awareness Month: Easy Ways to Relax

It’s easy to tell someone to “just relax.” But in an upsetting or chaotic situation, it can seem nearly impossible to force yourself to relax. The worst part is that often the best ways to relieve stress seem counterintuitive. Working out after a lon...

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21 Tricks Non-Morning People Should Know About Early Exercising

21 Creative Ways To Become A Morning Exerciser


This BIKINI BOOTY routine is designed to completely sculpt, define, and work every angle of that gorgeous apple bottom!

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9 Quick Total-Body Workouts, No Equipment Needed

no excuses

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9 Quick Total-Body Workouts, No Equipment Needed

Quick lower-body workout

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Are Your Gym Manners Up To Snuff?


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43 Workouts That Allow You To Watch An Ungodly Amount Of Television

Workout while you watch!

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9 Incredible Ways To Get A Cardio Workout That Aren't All Running

Feel the burn.

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fit_giirl on

Here's to hoping that in six months I have my sexy legs back.

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5 One-Song Workouts

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