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    • Ali Grice

      ♥ Underwater Hotel Dubai ♥...The Water Discus Hotel Plan - It looks environmentally disruptive, but it's said that it will also serve "as a laboratory tool for oceans and seas environment protection and research."...I sure hope so. If they live up to their word, this place will be insanely amazing...

    • Jude Jude

      The Water Discus hotel in Dubai is intended to provide a luxury accommodation option for anyone who wants to settle down on the sea bed. First it was water villas in the Maldives, allowing guests a glimpse of reef life from above the surface. Now, hoteliers seem hellbent on luring us beneath the waves. Star Trek meets The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau in this computer-generated image of the Water Discus hotel (above), scheduled to open in Dubai with backing from a Swiss company.

    • Linda Emmanuel

      Deep Ocean Know-how involves life within the form of this magnificent Water Discus Lodge proposed to be constructed in Dubai shortly. The construction would comprise of 1 underwater and one above-water disc, related by three strong legs which are fastened to the ocean mattress, and a daylight... #Dubai, #Hotel, #LuxuryHotel, #OceanViews, #SeaTheme, #TheWaterDiscusUnderwaterHotel, #Uae, #UnderwaterBedroom, #UnderwaterHotel, #UnderwaterHotelRoom, #UnderwaterHotelSuite #RealEst

    • RoseyMD

      "Water Discus Hotel", which has developed highly innovative designs for an underwater hotel in Dubai - It's like the house of the Jetsons!

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