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Cheese Puffs with Fresh Herbs

Gougères et fromage aux herbes fraîches. A gougère, in French cuisine, is a baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese.

Chef Royale: Petits pains italiens à l'ail persil et parmesan

Garlic and Parmesan Buns! Only one problem.the recipe is in Hebrew and I couldn't find a button to translate! Does anyone out there know Hebrew? They look soooo good!

cheese fritters with balsamic sun-dried tomato dipping sauce

Yes, yes, and an extra yes for the balsamic sun-dried dipping sauce. (Cheese fritters with balsamic sun-dried tomato dipping sauce)

grilled goat cheese bruschetta

anything with goat cheese is alright in our book! >> recipe for grilled goat cheese bruschetta

Noix de saint jacques fondue de poireaux

Noix de saint jacques fondue de poireaux

Si apéritif rime souvent avec calories, concilier ligne et plaisir n’est pas incompatible. Chips, vin cuit, saucisson sont autant de pièges faciles à éviter si on fait un peu attention. Avec les conseils de la nutritionniste Véronique Liégeois, on peut se laisser aller (avec modération). Mode d’emploi  http://www.elle.fr/Elle-a-Table/Les-dossiers-de-la-redaction/News-de-la-redaction/Prendre-l-aperitif-sans-grossir-2708190

Prendre l’apéritif sans grossir

Crostini with Gorgonzola and Figs. Couldn't find the recipe, but just toast some French bread in the oven (sliced) spread with Gorgonzola, slice up some figs, drizzle with a bit of honey & some fresh thyme.

bite size and adorable.my brother is having a graduation open house, which is just an excuse for me to try out new recipes =)

Slow-roasted tomatoes recipe The BEST Stuffed Shells Recipe Mini caprese salad idea: Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, balsamic, and olive oil Ba.

Recette - Rillettes de thon St Môret - Notée 5/5 par les internautes

Rillettes de thon au St Môret®