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"Peter Pan" by J.M. Barrie...love the book...love this cover

Mabel Lucie Attwell ~ Book Cover ~ Peter Pan and Wendy by J. Barrie ~ Charles Scribner’s Sons ~ 1921


Whenever I need a break from reality, I love reading and venturing down the rabbit hole with Alice into Wonderland.

El retorno de los charlatanes

Happy Birthday to this 1915 edition of Barrie's novelization of his famous play!

olive fairy book andrew lang

The Olive Fairy Book. I loved Andrew Lang's "color" fairy books. Both the stories and the the illustrations fed my imagination. To be considered.

Original Peter Pan, 1921  Mabel Lucie Attwell Peter Pan and Wendy

Original Peter Pan, 1921 Mabel Lucie Attwell Peter Pan and Wendy

Grimm's Fairy Tales are definitely not for children!  I read the the book and each and every tale is hauntingly magical, beautiful, or grotesque.  I recommend this collection of fairy tales for all adults!

The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales, by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Someday I'd like to say I've read their completed works.

The 30 Darkest Books From Your Childhood #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2015/11/97104/scary-childrens-books#slide-4  Peter and Wendy (1911)Author: J.M. BarrieIllustrator: F. D. Bedford Summary: Chances are you know the story, but here’s a quick refresher just in case. A boy named Peter likes to visit the Darling family’s house in Bloomsbury to listen to Mrs. Darling’s bedtime stories. One night, he loses his shadow and wakes up Wendy Darling trying to ge...

30 Books That Made You Lose Sleep As A Kid (& Still Do Today)

'Peter and Wendy' by J. Barrie, First Edition. Illustrated by Margaret Ogilvy.

Peeping Pansy.....Illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell

Peeping Pansy by The Queen of Roumania. Marie, Queen of Roumania, wrote a fairy book of delightful happenings for children. “Once upon a time there was a little girl, a dreadfully inquisitive little girl, whom everybody called Pansy…” Sounds interesting!

One of the saddest books I have ever read.  I cried every time I read it.

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy. and she loved a boy very, very much-- even more than she loved herself.” “And the tree was happy” ~The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson. Long John was scary. Lots of unexpected pre-voyage intrigue. “Seaward ho! Hang the treasure! It's the glory of the sea that has turned my head.”

Long John was scary. Lots of unexpected pre-voyage intrigue. Hang the treasure! It's the glory of the sea that has turned my head.

Peter Pan Book Page Print    I love this.

Peter Pan & Wendy Book Page, Peter flying a Pirate Ship Kite " The Dreamer", Peter Pan Book Page, Peter Pan Wall Print, Peter Pan Art

Peter Pan Book with fun illustrations

I'm just a Poe girl from a Poe family...

Edgar Allan Poe by T. Crowell & Co (Book Jacket canvas as seen in Barnes & Noble bookstores)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (illustrated by Arthur Rackham - the leading illustrator from the "Golden Age" of British book illustration)

A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shakespeare, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. A classic that features some of the best lines and best imagery in literature. It's also my favourite Shakespeare play. I'd love to own this beautiful illustrated copy!

Children Book :)

15 Picture Books About Friendship

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, this is my all time favorite kids book I can't read it to my kids without feeling that simple lesson sometimes are the most powerful ones!

the secret garden illustrated by Inga Moore

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett. Illustrated by Inga Moore.

ART & ARTISTS: Arthur Rackham – part 6

'Cinderella' by C. Evans (Charles Seddon Evans Illustrated by Arthur Rackham London/Philadelphia, Heinemann/Lippincott.