Acer Palmatum

Acer Palmatum Red - 10 Seeds - Japanese Red Maple - 10 Acer palmatum seeds Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is a deciduous shrub or small tree with a broad, rounded shape. Acer palmatum is native to China, Korea and Japan, this.

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First Place Winner Hanna Pall Artist - Walter Pall Bonsai Acer palmatum

Galerie Top Bonsaï - érable japonais acer palmatum

One of the most famous Bonsai trees that belongs to the collection of an European Bonsai artist (Walter Pall), this tree is incredibly fine and realistic. The maple is big (almost a meter high, which is the maximum to be called a Bonsai tree) and over a h

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Bonsaï forest - stunning arrangement with well trained trees. Put your hand over the pot and you would not be able to tell whether this is a picture of natural trees or a stand of Bonsai trees. Nice design and fantastic execution,

Achas que sabes ver uma árvore a crescer?

Walnut Forest by FauxHead photo manipulation a bonsai forest in a walnut shell (not likely, but what an idea!

Photo du bonsai : Cèdre du Liban (Cedrus libani)

Colorado Blue Spruce Bonsai Tree, scientific name Picea pungens 'glauca', is an evergreen with blue-green needle-like leaves and a ridged bark.