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    So you need a typeface...

    • David

      So You Need a Typeface This is really a flowchart and cheat sheet with graphic designer Julian Hansen’s suggestions on how to pick a font for a design project, but it does embody the essence of what an infographic is: to present useful information in a visual way.

    • IAQ Graphic Design

      So you need a typeface infographic. Start out by choosing a kind of project that’ll need your typeface for. Then get very lost it this technical flowchart. IAQ Graphic Design #GraphicDesign #Design #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography #Infographic #Serif #SanSerif #Infographics

    • Michael Wong

      so you need a typeface: a flow chart. #webdesign #design #designer #inspiration #user #interface #ui

    • Matt Roca

      If your struggling to pick a typeface and don’t have a graphic designer to help you out, here’s a fun little infographic that might save you some thinking time in choosing a font.

    • Misora _

      flowchart Design This is for you if you fuss over your fonts. Graphic designer Julian Hansen has created an extensively massive flowchartthat allow you to drill down to your perfect font based on yes/no answers to questions like ‘Do you like it traditional?’, ‘Are you alone?’ and ‘You cried when watching Terminator’. It’s perfect.

    • Beck Wallman

      Graphic designer Julian Hansen has created a flowchart that allow you to drill down to your perfect font based on yes/no answers

    • Lyndze Blosser

      So You need a Typeface -Julian Hansen So You Need A Typeface is an infographic dealing with the subject of choosing the right typeface for a project. The list is (very loosely) based on the top 50 of the Top100 Best Schrieften by Font Shop.

    • Robert Wilson

      Danish graphic designer Julian Hansen creates this chart to help you choose the right font for you're project | #Typography #Choice

    • Josephine Schol

      Love this... So you need a typeface? Try Julian Hansen’s Font Flowchart. #fontfeed #fontshop

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