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WOW - never thought of that. We should probably try this. Since we're so good at making decisions and all... :) Should i try it? @Jamie Wise Cobb
Oh my gosh...do guys actually SAY this?  EVER??? (The first thing.  I KNOW they say the second one.)
It's gona be *I'll be right back. Need charging.
To write to your dad on your wedding day: I may have found my prince but you will always be my king.
Amen. So many men just don't get this! why make her cry? what are you really trying to prove? Why treat her so bad? She's beautiful a person that God placed in your hands and heart to take care of. Why hurt her? Is it for  your own Ego? Does it make you more of a man? Men don't treat woman like objects. boys do.. Our job is to Protect her not make her cry and feel lonely!!
She is my mothers sister and lives next to me, this april she will become 78 years old, she is such a nice lady...
Forgiveness is something that can be so hard to do but is so very important. This is the best explanation of the word I have ever seen.