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This is a story tower where children illustrate the title on one card, the setting, author's purpose, beginning, middle, end... whatever! They write sentences or a paragraph on the back. Then they build it...This can be each child doing one card to build a group story tower or each child can make their own.(Pic only/See explanation above)

worksheets for listening centers. i like these to help make kids more accountable when they are at the listening center during daily 5.may rework for k.

#LanguageArts #Reading #AnchorCharts I love this idea of using post-it notes on a story map anchor chart! It gets the students in the habit of doing this themselves.

The Best Story - one of the first books read each year in Writer's Workshop. It's great for teaching where writers get their ideas. In the end, the main character learns that the best story comes from your heart. So cute!

Interactive vocabulary wall. Writing minilesson on word choice- add an overused word and brainstorm synonyms.

Great way to post what the setting in a story could be. Also could be used for ideas when students have to write a story & need a setting :)

If you enlarge this document, it makes a great poster from which you can launch several writing lessons. You can refer to it throughout the year a...