• Gracie K. Stephenson

    we will have Long auburn hair. its happening

  • Kim Helle

    fabulous hair, gingery hair, long hair Color

  • Pop Culture Alice

    #readhead #ginger #perfect #hair #striking #hair #longhair #hairdo #hairstyle

  • Liz Smith

    ginger storm | red head | red hair #redhead #red #redhair #monat #lizsmithstyle http://lizsmithstyle.mymonat.com/

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messy red updo!

and this makes me want long hair. and thick hair.




Wow, she looks like a doll

:: Jessica Chastain | Just saw Zero Dark Thirty where she plays Maya, the CIA operative that single-handedly found OBL. ::

and it's my favorite girl again, this time for BHLDN, Anthropologie's bridal branch. Does this count as stalking?

The way the curl of her hair brushed against a freckle

"Colt?" He looked at me. "Yeah?" "Don't talk to Sam yet. She hasn't had her coffee yet." "Oh. Right. Thanks for the warning."

"In the depth of her brown eyes and the smattering of freckles that dot her face, I can detect Abby’s younger self, that fifteen-year-old girl I remember falling in love with. I had wondered about her from time to time, imagined what a decade of life experience would look like on her. And now I see. She’s grown from cute to striking; over all this time, her beauty has bloomed."


Redhead Beauty Daisy Mallory. This is the hair I want!!! Except in mycolor :)

Flower Crown Society Head wrap tutorial Via Irrelephant-blog.com

Ginger braid


Red hair