Red Spotted Saffron Discus

Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) reef fish

Barreleye - This unusual fish might be the most bizarre creature ever found lurking in the deep ocean. Sometimes called a "spook fish," no doubt because of its strange appearance, the barreleye has a completely transparent head.



Gorgeous Male Betta Splendens - Bettas are tropical fish and prefer water temperatures near 80 degrees. A minimum size 2 gallon tank makes a good home for one male betta because a small heater can be used to increase the water temperature.

pinky fish


Thorny Back Cowfish - ©David Harasti--sorry, but this looks like an animal designed by a committee. I guess evolution has a sense of humor.

sea zoanthids.

skarovaya fish

Anthias, Bligh Water, Fiji

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These are beautiful freshwater fish ~ Discus fish