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Pink anenome, pink 'material-looking band at top and pink tendrils from below.

This photo of a squid, taken in Indonesia, appears to show the large pigment cells (chromatofores) used by squid to flash and change colour—fantastic! ~Colors by Lea's UW Photography, Flickr

I like this sigstellatus as the dots show a repeat pattern and the dark dots stand out against the pale skin.

Stellate Rabbitfish/Siganus stellatus sigstellatus2768_200209 by kactusficus, via Flickr

Equatus punctatus (Spotted Drum Fish) juv. - Utila, Honduras by Karen Honeycutt, via Flickr

Colorful Marine Flatworm. Apparently these animals have both sets of reproductive organs and they fight over who gets to be who during sex. They fight with their penises. No joke.

Full Sail by BarryFackler on Flickr* Awesome. I have one in my tank and he is so docile for a tang.

The colors in tropical waters always amaze me.