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School of fish OR new, improved death star?! #Dream_Underwater_World #water #beauty #ocean #sea_life #sphere #fish

An amazing colorful marine fish species for reef tank. It is very easy to “fall in love” with this beautiful fish.The mandarinfish or Mandarin is native to the Pacific. It is a small, brightly-colored member of the dragonet family . It is popular in the saltwater aquarium trade although they are considered difficult to keep,

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11 intriguing transparent animals

Barreleye. Sometimes called a "spook fish," the barreleye has a completely transparent head.

Picturesque dragonet...aka: spotted or target mandarin (closely related to the mandarinfish)...a brightly colored member of the dragonet family native to the Indo-West Pacific...a small fish that grows up to 3"

Gorgeous Male Betta Splendens - Bettas are tropical fish and prefer water temperatures near 80 degrees. A minimum size 2 gallon tank makes a good home for one male betta because a small heater can be used to increase the water temperature.

Kole tangs always have that bright yellow ring around their eyes, but usually start out with dull brown bodies as juveniles. It's not until they're about six months old that they turn orange and their blue spots and stripes begin to come out.