senerii: Aquatic Simplicity by ~beregond3019


Clownfish - ©/cc Emmanuel Keller (Tambako the Jaguar)

Coral Sea Fish, Macro Bottom

Clown Fish ( Nemo)

we used to have clown fish and anemones in our salt water tank, they are wonderful to watch

Lion fish. Tropical Marine.

Clownfish on a Green Anemone, Alastair Pollock

Sea turtles of Edisto Beach, SC! Protect their habitat and keep our beaches clean.

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pretty little fish

Don't understand why they're called Clownfish. I guess the orange/white striped caution sawhorses set up along the road during construction weren't around back then. If so, I think maybe they'd be called Sawfish. Or possibly Construction Fish. Orrrrr (my fave) Stupid Pointless Traffic Jam When I Have An Appointment I'm Trying To Get To Fish. Too wordy?

National Geographic: spine-cheek CLOWN FISH nestles in its bulb tentacle sea anemone. Photograph by David Doubilet - in real life, these fish do opposite of Pixar’s Finding Nemo: kids do leave early to look for own home (parents do not seek for "lost" kids)

Seattle aquarium - Clown fish by ~breannemarie


Poissons Clown by (FabricePics)

Clown fish. Tropical marine.

Baby Harlequin Sweetlips by JennyHuang

Jellyfish Medusas, Jelly Belly, Art Inspiration, Misty Damnit, Vintage Art, Photo, Jelly Fish

Blue Clown Fish... Gotta love these little guys