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Reconsidering the Moorish Idol: One makes no understatement in saying that this is a species for the advanced aquarist. Still, in consideration of all of the technological and methodological refinements taking place in the hobby, there is every reason to conclude that the Moorish idol will yet become a staple of the ornamental fish trade.

we used to have clown fish and anemones in our salt water tank, they are wonderful to watch

Clownfish, damselfish, or the "Nemo" fish, live among sea anemones, which the fish use as a place to hide from predators.

Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) - I have never even seen a picture of this fish. Amazing blue.

Exotic Fishfrom Exotic Fish

Long Fin Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid. Microgeophagus ramirezi (Long Fin) - The ram ci

People wonder why I love fishtanks, uhhm hello?? Have you seen aquatic life?!?