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  • Miks' Pics

    Lightning-maroon Clown Fish ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life ll" board @

  • MiSha Joy

    Lightning plum colored clown fish

  • Betty Williams's truly amazing the colors and shapes of fish that call the ocean home

  • Sassy Pants

    Delightful Purple Tropical Fish...

  • Lico Butterflykiss

    lightning maroon clownfish #fish #ocean #animal #nature

  • WitchyBee

    purple-y Lightning Maroon Clownfish - #clownfish #purple #lightning #fish #color

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Idea for my bf's tattoo I created. Loved the colors, this is good inspiration for it!!

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. I think this is my next betta color to have. :)

Tiny, spotted Bliny...they take up residence in empty barnacles or any hard little hole that protects them. The have some of the cutest, funniest faces of any of the fish underwater...but they are very small, and very shy.

Nice shot...crowntail betta from back

Amazing photo taken in someone said, looks more like a scene from Starship Trooper (or something)

This is a frogfish. The big eyes you see are not really eyes! The eyes are actually on the sides if the head

Fish ~ Anyone wanna check out my dead pool/ Koi Pond in the back?? Some are now well over a foot long.. they just keep eating & growing and growing & eating... yada, yada, yada..... so much for the 40/ 1 inch babies we put in there to help with the mosquitos.... LOLOL

#819 白鷺四娃 / ‘White heron four baby’ Little Egret, taken at Pinglin, New Taipei City, TAIWAN ~ by John & Fish, via Flickr

Parrot Cichlid. Happy fish . Is it weird I find these adorable ?

Amazing photography I think the photographer waiting hours and hours for this shot.

mystic-revelations: Black Swan kois 黑天鵝 錦鯉 By Mel s away