Lightning-maroon Clown Fish ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life ll" board @

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Beautyful Butterfly Fish Coral Reefs | Butterflies, Animal United, Fish Butterflies, Ocean Reefs, Butterflies ...

this is a fish

Jelly fish




#Cool fish

Butterfly fish

^Trunk fish.

Red Spotted Rockskipper, a.k.a. Blue-dashed Rockskipper (Blenniella periophtalmus). "This small blenny is only about 3 cm long, and has found himself a home in a hole under encrusting corals. Picture taken in Kume Jima, a small island close to Okinawa, Japan, 3 m deep, on top of a very lively reef." #fish #colorful #animal #white #red #color #nature #sea #ocean #marine #life #photography

amazing thing in the sea

With eyes on the top of its head, a stargazer fish hides in the sand to hunt #WPYPeoplesChoice

Little Egrets. Photo by John and Fish

The Octopus

The Ocean

Flame Jellyfish <-- gasp. I want a salt water fish tank just so i can have Jelly Fish in it! #Dream

Amazing photo taken in Bali-Cardinal Fish

Blenny with its eggs

This is a frogfish. The big eyes you see are not really eyes! The eyes are actually on the sides if the head