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    Juvenile Garibaldi - California's State Fish!

    Tropical Fish...i truly Love it.... Beautiful.

    Orange Unicorn-Fish...ORANZHEVOSHIPAYA FISH-Rhino (Naso elegans) and SARGOTSENTRON-Diadem, Red Sea

    Nudibranch by Dermal Denticles

    Redfin Anthias

    Oranda goldfish with pretty black markings - goldfish are often dark-coloured (grey or black) when young to protect them from the eyes of predators, gradually turning gold or red later as they grow up. This means that this fish might very well end up completely orange, so keep this in mind when choosing goldfish and don't be surprised if the colours change.

    beautiful fish. animals

    cuttlefish turns red or orange when angry - blue when sad - white when afraid

    Sea dragon

    Rising jellyfish .... How beautiful

    Orange Cup Coral, Tubastraea coccinea, Flower Corals


    purple gorgonian

    Orange Sea Pen




    Or some unbelievable photographs from nature. | 20 Things You Should Share On Facebook

    Nudibrach - amazing creatures

    Nudibranch - ©Harry Yang