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Polka Dots - Cocos (Keeling) Islands by Karen Willshaw

Crab, Cocos Islands. I was once at the beach with my fiance and I buried his body up to the neck under the sand and then I found a baby crab, it was very little, a bit translucent and white. So I caught it and put it near my fiance's face. He is so scared of things like that he freaked out like crazy. Next time I go to the beach with him, I'll bury him again but I'll definitely put the baby crab on his nose!!!

How can you not love a polka-dot fish?

Polka dot nudibranch . Jorunna funebris. the black spots are actually bristles sticking out of body.

Cannonball Jellyfish | by Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Scalloped hammerhead Sharks (Sphyrna lewini) off the coast of Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Blue Footed Booby ~ Galapagos Islands ~ Ecuador i think this is by far my favorite silly named bird :)