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I love the colors of marine life! Nice shot of a tropical saltwater fish tank … lionfish, clown fish, anemones, etc.

a?? Emperor Angelfish on Coral Reef :: Javier Sandoval A� License All rights reserved by Sea Zoom a?? | See more about Angelfish, Coral Reefs and Coral.

Saltwater fish. This is a pretty fish. I'd love more color in our tank

yellow fish

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Coral reef fish


Tropical Fish in Australia

Tropical Fish

HandFish, a cousin to the angler fish. Brachionichthys politus from Tasmania. They 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor.

Saltwater Clown Fish - Aquatic Connection

Yellow tang is a marvelous looking salt water fish. It belongs to the Acanthuridae fish family. This is one of the threatened marine creatures

Pretty fish, funny name... a Juvenile Humpbacked Batfish

flower horn fish

Under the sea

School of Oldwifes by Alexius Sutandio

Pearl Angel Fish

tropical fish Love the Pattern

pretty fish