Food, you will be mine...

I laughed so hard with this one, thanx!!!! Where can I get one?!! LOL

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Ok, I'm not really much of a cat person but I had to repin this! The inspiration for Cheshire cat?

Crazy Birds / Tim Holtz stitched edge dies

I love you just the way I am.

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Both my dogs totally do this!

Me and my bed, you and your jeans.

The cat is hungry and the fish are none the wiser. #funny #cat #cartoons

Languid—adj—lazy; lacking interest; relaxed; unenergetic

Famous Works of Art Improved by Cats... her smile goes so well with that cat.

{hanging on a limb} that is one balanced cat!


They Seemed To Understand Each Other

Organizing Your Cats: JUST LEFT Walmart with my new shelf - it's "purrfect" LOL. Hope my new friends will like it. Kim does. #GIRLSGOOGLEHANG

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Fat doesn't mean you can't be fabulous...especially if you're working towards your goal.