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Katy Perry Hair Colors | Katy Perry Hair Color. How does she do it??

I'm not into the whole "dying hair" thing bc my hair is one thing that I absolutely love about myself.so I just add some flair to it! Black hair=awesome canvas for bright colored hair extensions :D (pinch braids)

This is awesome i wish my hair could be like this!!!

My peacock inspired hair.peacock picture is mine from my job in the points : views/p

Ombré sereia

Where to Buy DIY turquoise teal blue ombre hair dye for brown layered long hair girls -Creative blue/green ombre hair dye for vacation

this is sick!

beautiful dark ombre, love that it's not top half one color bottom half another, like roots growing out. The colored tips really make it multidimensional with the curls.

Beautiful Artwork by Elias Wesse | Cuded

Beautiful Artwork by Elias Wesse

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Katy Perry's hair colors...

Colorful ombre rainbow colors include a beautiful transition from brown root to aqua blue, pink, purple, blue. These extensions are inspired by Katy Perry's peacock hair color style