Spiral cut plarn in all one piece tutorial

How to make Plarn!

Old jeans make denim yarn. My hubby's jeans are looking like they're ready to be cut up!

How to Make "Plarn" - Plastic Yarn from Used Grocery Bags BEST Video that shows you "HOW-To"

how to cut a plasitc shopping bag to make one long strip for plarn (rather than hooking loops together). very cool.

TUTORIAL: Recycled Grocery Totes | Made with plastic grocery bags. Very cool technique.

These reusable crochet face scrubbies are agreat crochet project for beginners and an eco-friendly craft. Fantastic handmade gift idea! Free Crochet patternCrochet Tutorial ༺✿Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/✿༻

Are your boots ready for autumn/winter?

the uber basics of making PLARN (plastic yarn from recycled shopping bags)

New Twirl Petals yarn colors!

switch colors without the knot

Recycled plastic grocery bags crocheted into a great purse by Another knitting blog. Featured @totgreencrafts

How to make Plarn (which can then be made into rugs that don't biodegrade for 1000 years).

beautiful, crochet purse with fabric

more info on plarn, incl which crochet hook to use for baskets, cutting plastic bag into plarn

How To Cut Continuous Line of old T-Shirts for Yarn to Weave or Crochet tshirtyarn_making4

This might work for the garden made of plarn.

How to crochet a plastic sleeping mat from plastic grocery bags.

"Plarn" which is strips of plastic bags. She uses a combo of crochet and weaving. Very cool! ...so am going to try it

Use this Tulip Custom ColorLab recipe guide for easily mixing your own Tulip ColorLab custom dye colors.

Spiral crochet hat