DIY 5 Strand Braid Tutorial from Design and Form here. This is a really clear tutorial and I like the leather cord used. For friendship bracelets of all kinds go here.


Add this piece to a lonely little corner in your house. This would look great next to some hanging planters and clean white or neutral frames.

DIY: macramé & hexnut bracelet

makrame patterns

Macramé bracelets


Micro Macrame

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I realized my last pin was already posted, so this is a neat trick on how to help create macramé. Using a clipboard acts as the tape or bobby pin, but also allows more intricate designs to be created around the string.

Russian, but clear photos of how to tie knots in bead crochet ropes


How to knot around a Grooved Stone - Part 1 of 3. for all of bracelet instructions. #Macrame

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lucky bracelet!

cute macramé

Hemp Bracelet Pattern

Micro macramé

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Russian photo tute. The only skill you need is loop at the top of a head pin. This works as well with crystals as pearls. #wire #jewelry #tutorial - Put a drop in the center and reverse direction for more symmetry.