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    • Florian Plamont

      "And he greeted death like an old friend." Harry Potter animation made with Maya, wonderful graphic atmosphere from the Deathly Hallows.

    • Kate_Monster

      Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - Part 1. {Tale of the 3 Brothers} This part of the film was so stunning.

    • Andie Jeter

      top 50 Harry Potter movie scenes

    • Liz Colravy

      The third brother, a humble man, he asked something that would allow him to go forth from that place without being followed by death. So it was reluctantly that death handed over his own cloak of invisibility. [...] As for the third brother, death searched for many years but was never able find him. Only when he attained a great age did the third brother shed his cloak of invisibility and give it to his son. He then greeted death as an old friend, departing this life as equals.--The Deathly Hallows.

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    I seriously just did this and it really works. It's ridiculously cute and I recommend you try it.

    harry potter stuff

    J.K. Rowling Quotes♥

    Harry and Sirius

    Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Harry Potter.

    Sirius Black Inspired Black & Red Beaded Bookmark by ColibriBeads, $15.00

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    Albus Potter and the Portraits of the Headmasters - julponey

    I love it. Aww Snape, I cried for you in the end...

    I love this picture of Lily and Snape so much. It's so simple and yet so beautiful. I know they were never really together in the books and I adore Lily and James, but there is a soft spot in my heart for Snape and Lily.

    Why Snape hates Neville.

    I trust Severus Snape

    Severus Snape

    Lily and Snape have caught my imagination

    Snape fanart, via Reddit Excuse me while I go cry with joy

    I do LOVE Snape, but I'm glad Lily was with James.

    "Keep Calm and Marry Ron" ♥

    Keep Calm and Love the Half Blood Prince (White), Snape, Harry Potter

    keep calm

    Snape: In Alan Rickman's Words Beautiful.