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  • Tanya Jain


  • Helen Hill

    Futuristic steampunk city concept art

  • Tracy Bowman

    Steampunk airship

  • Arne de Vos

    Concept art van Jan Ditlev Christensen | Webmaster Resources

  • Abigail Joy

    Jan Ditlev Christensen - This reminds me of Treasure Planet.

  • Christopher Derrick

    I read a Terry Pratchett story on that was so delightful, and then, ironically, I came across this piece of art that TOTALLY crystalized that's story #scifi #tor #fantasy

  • Wall Art Road #wallartroad #conceptart

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The city of Alkon by Jan Ditlev Christensen

A society that acts as the China of Septyni. In the sense that's they're more advanced technologically than the rest of the realm. But it's at a horrible cost.

steampunk Q ship by ~ICONcreations on deviantART

Ancient cities in the Many Worlds have adapted to the prevalence of Sky Timber transport, introducing landing pads and other conveniences for air vessels. (medieval flying ship by Jan Urschel)

I have a slight obsession going on right now of all things Steampunk. Okay... I've had this obsession for years now. I keep listening to 'Airship Pirate' by Abney Park. It just... somehow pops up on Pandora all the time. >.> It's an crazy creative universe for those of us not quite fantasy... not quite science fiction. This poster is simple and awesome. I would love to have it... 4/24/2012 ~Ann~

Tokyo skyline from the abandoned video game Power Slave. via

William Robinson Leign, Visionary City, 1908 via Retro Future: Glorious Urbanism» DarkRoastedBlend