Lay-n-Go Construction set carrier...Lay-N-Go lets your LEGO builder bring their collection anywhere in the house and clean it up in less than a minute. Sounds too good to be true? It's not! Lay-N-Go is an activity mat that converts into a storage bag, making moving your LEGO collection from room to room effortless. When playtime is over, pull the drawstring and the bag will seal up securely, keeping even the smallest of pieces inside.

Lay-N-Go Lego Mat - brilliant!

SWOOP BAG. Great way to keep toys together.

Keeping Legos Clean. Do this with many toys, especially after play dates with sick kids! WOW!! FANTASTIC idea -- 55 Must Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Cute for a little boys room


Balloon Powered Lego Car. This would be so fun for a Lego birthday party!!! Lego car races!

Make a LEGO Pick Up and Play Mat - This is Fabulous!! I totally need to do this!

How cool is this table?!? I think I'd have more fun with it than my girls! 40+ Awesome Lego Storage Ideas » The Organised Housewife

Lego t-shirt

great train/lego table

Traveling with young kids made easy: Put an entire outfit (including undies and hair accessories) in a ziploc bag. One bag per day. When you get to the hotel, put the bags in a drawer and they can pick one per day. Huge time saver!

Organize your Lego instructions

lego walls for a kids room. Why didn't my parents think of this?

Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers. And can be easily stored when done. This is awesome!!!!

Genius! Busy board for boys... #boredombuster

Just Another Day in Paradise: Chores (Variation of Mom's Ransom Box - love this one)

Golf tees into styrofoam blocks. Smart! and not noisy!

Sand Box

Lego Clock

One day I'll need this. No more "I-won't-take-my-medicine" wars! This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! Genius! Or evil...