Things I love about the country

<3 all the time

Love the smell of honeysuckle!!!

I heard this from my mother many times.....

Shit I Love

Southern Girls | I'm from the north and pictures up always being barefoot. Not just a southern thing

things i love about country

Things I Love About Country

ChildHood Memories... I still do these :P

country loving i miss home

Same kind my granny had!

we all drank straight from the hose - and lived to tell about it

My boys know all about this...kind of. (In a few of the old tractors around the yard. Everything else has a "buddy seat." I think they will remember those childhood moments just as fondly!) :)

I heard this many Charlotte, NC. Sometimes she said "Hickory" switch.....It's a "Southern Thing Ya'll--:( :(

little things

When we were kids...

southern things

rite of summer

Hay Rides

Yes! Best thing watching my grandma and them get the horses ready for my cousins and I to ride them. My brothers were always off with my pap doing a real mans job as they say lol

do you know what a dohickey is ?