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I loved you then and I love you now. Always have always will. Everyday when my eyes lock into yours I fall deeper even when I thought there was no possible way I could love you anymore than the previous day. Nobody could ever love you as much as I, not because you are unlovable by any means but simply because I love you more than anyone could ever fathom and I'll love you til my last breath

See this is a problem. It gives girls this idea that only the perfect guy will do ALL of these things, when they won't. Yeah, they may randomly send you flowers or call to say goodnight, but he'll also end up suffocating you. It sets you up for failure, because when he doesn't do these things you think there's someone better, when he's actually perfect, just not one of Nicolas Sparks characters...

Stop worrying about your eyeliner, your messy hair or your curvy body, one day you'll meet a guy who won't care about it.

I dont like to be around guys when I'm with my girls cause insecurities kick in and a feel like the guys are checking out my girls and not me then i get jelous...

You didn't love her. You just didn't want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was just good for your ego. Or, or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn't love her. Because you don't destroy people you love. - Grey's Anatomy (SO true!)

It's so true, because every relationship gets better, but this relationship never got started :( I just wish I had the chance before he moved away

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it's meant to be

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every girl wants a guy to chase after her when she wants to walk out the door. Couldn't be more true.

Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. My favorite quote! Xoxo