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I’ve Found The Rebel Bass (Star Wars Bass) - This picture of the Falcon bass guitar rules.

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Cheat Sheet To Using Google Search More Effectively

Google has a lot of hidden tricks which allow you to use it a lot more effectively than you think. These tricks aren't obvious because Google doesn't want to confuse basic users with an overload of info on how to use their search engine. But if you're the type who wants to learn some cool…

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This is true

I may be a hardcore Marvel fan but only a idiot would say this is not true because this Joker can never be replicated

I so wish this would happen! Then I'd be so happy! But I'm pretty sure Han would have to be force sensitive to become a ghost... but if he was?!! :D

: How long is Alaska - WTF fun facts | March 8 2016 at 03:02AM |

Seriously, like guys it's Civil War, it's like the 20th movie, how do you not know about the after credits scenes...

LMAO!! The caption reads "maou no me" (the devil king's eye)!! I have physically died! Kyouya-the "low blood pressure evil lord"!rofl OHSHC

Gargoyles - Would love to see this as an actual level!<----I would just love to see all the KH characters as gargoyles! This is soo awesome! <3

Xion if video games counted as anime Xion is my favorite but sadly she isn't so number 1 goes to Hinata