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My 14 day diet & workout plan I started today! Hopefully it works out and gives me that spring break body I want! lol

A whole week diet plan that consists of eating healthy foods every 2hrs to boost your metabolism!

Gives new meaning to the phrase "starvation mode" hehe

congratulations on starting another fad diet. they don't work and the second you STOP you're probably going to gain everything back. sincerely, the non-dieter [who still manages to lose lbs] xo

Before and after workout foods at Diets Grid

Did you fall off the diet or fitness wagon this weekend? Don't wait another minute to get back on track. Here's how to recommit to your healthy habits right now! | via SparkPeople #fitness #motivation #goal

Could these 10 bad habits be preventing you from losing weight? | via SparkPeople #diet #fitness #motivation

I need to print this out and read daily. #loss, #weight, #fitness weight loss weight-loss weight-loss weight-loss fitness