I SO love this T-shirt: "Fight evil. Read books." Appeals to the booklover, writer, & inner superhero. :) Found via @Kevin Craig

I Read Past My Bedtime

I need this shirt.

Ha. Reminds me of the lines from The Music Man: "She advocates dirty books! Chaucer! ... Rabelais! ... BALZAC!" Marian the Librarian would wear this t-shirt today.


This is exactly me!!!

For real... even Mary Poppins thinks you're loopy.

Love this: "Fight evil. Read books." It just makes me smile :-)

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.This agitates me to no end at the library.....

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I need this on a shirt

Top 10 most read books in the world over the past 50 years.


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Grab an iced coffee and have a quiet relaxing day with your favorite book

Sucka! :-) http://www.cavendishsq.com/

reading is my super power