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    How to make your own: peanut butter, yogurt, bread, spaghetti sauce, pasta, biscotti, salsa, guacamole, jams and jellies, baby food, granola bars, cheeses, barebecue sauce, ice cream, hummus, pesto, applesauce, pretzels, potato chips and dog treats.

    pink heart rose water marshmallows awesome ideas for nene pink and yellow princess girl baby shower

    I know, I know...it's too soon to talk about that December holiday when we give gifts. But if you want to make homemade vanilla extract (and I know you do!), you need to get started now!

    homemade salsa. will have to make some very soon because store bought salsa just isn't the same as homemade!

    Applesauce Granola - use applesauce instead of oil for a crunchy but low fat granola! Delicious!

    Maraschino Cherries are my kind of candy! Especially when you add them to a moist Upside-Down Pineapple Cake. Oh my gosh I'm drooling #fruit #canning #foodstorage

    Nutella Made From Scratch 1 1/4 cup/175g/6ozs of roasted, skinned hazelnuts* 300g/10.6ozs milk chocolate 3 tablespoons icing or confectioners sugar 2 tablespoons oil (flavourless or a mild tasting oil) 1 tablespoon cocoa powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract a pinch of salt

    Confessions of my adult ADD Thirsty- got to kitchen Kitchens a mess!- clean up kitchen Come across sack of potatoes that didn't get put away- think "what was that tip on pinterest about storing potatoes?" Look on pinterest- find this recipe Wash slice dry season bake & eat my potatoe chips- remember I'm thirsty

    Spiced Peaches... (this picture was cuter than the one with the recipe, so I improvised.)