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    Erik Von Detten - I used to have this plastered all over my room!

    Erik von Detten from the Disney Channel original movie Brink!! #memories |

    Tea Bunnies.

    Poster Flip Racks.

    My life.

    J.T.T, Brad Renfro, Devin Sawa, and Jonathan Brandis. I had posters of them on my sad that both Brad and Jonathan B have passed away

    100 Forgotten Heartthrobs Of The '80s And '90s

    JTT ♥

    Clarissa's Room - "Clarissa Explains It All"

    Andrew Keegan | 100 Forgotten Heartthrobs Of The ’80s And ’90s

    Ace of Base

    Devin Sawa!

    14 MAD POSTERS!   oh, and a mad VCR for your cool tv and cd player

    Velvet coloring posters

    Farrah Fawcett

    Kids These Days Don't Know What it Was Like

    boy, i miss this face!


    You will only get this if you grew up in the 90's: the girls room = mean girls.... mind blown

    "I may sound old-fashioned, but I want to think all women should be treated like I want my wife, daughters, and granddaughters to be treated. I notice today that good manners—like standing up when a woman enters the room, helping a woman with her coat, letting her enter an elevator first, taking her arm to cross the street—are sometimes considered unnecessary or a throwback. These are habits I could never break, nor would I want to. I realize today a lot more women are taking care of themselves than in the past, but no woman is offended by politeness." — Frank Sinatra

    Library card....I still remember