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from A Book Long Enough

Kids' Fantasy Chapter Books for Harry Potter Fans: New in 2014 and 2015

Looking for a new chapter book for a Harry Potter fan? Check out these fantasy novels published in 2014 or 2015. Perfect for kids ages around ages 8 to 13!

Hey I'm Becky Winters. I'm 13 I'm the presidents daughter. I'm smart, resourceful, and diplomatic. Im in all triple advanced classes at school, even though I'm homeschooled. I like to spy and hang out with the older kids. I'm kinda like their trainee. I can't wait to sabotage my brothers dates, if he ever even gets a girlfriend. *laughs* Well anyways, I want to kidnap the president. Easy enough, since he's my dad. Hehe, national treasure. Ben Gates, black widow, and James Bond are my idols.

Key editing questions: Does this make sense? Does it flow right? Is it important? What am I missing? Can I condense this? Is it interesting? Is it grammatically correct?

from The Measured Mom

Best Rhyming Books for Kids Ages 5-8

This blog has 13 Rhyming Books for Kids for ages Students at this age love to hear rhyming stories, once a child knows the pattern you can stop before the rhyming word and they can supply it for you and help you READ the story. :)

from Etsy

Antique 1903 sharp claw of White-tailed Eagle print, original bird of prey engraving, curiosity and oddity, vintage Sea Eagle raptor talon

Antique 1903 sharp claw of Whitetailed Eagle by LyraNebulaPrints, $19.50