"Give me a happy mailbox over inbox any day." quote by Mindy Lacefied in regard to this quote about email vs post

So true.


life is far too short


Use quotes from "playroom" pins and incorporate "words of wisdom" quotes into the wall art for the basement. Use own hand writing to make the wall art and use different fabric backdrops and frames.


There is no such thing as an unanswered prayer, God's answer is either "Yes, my child." or it's "No, child I have something better for you." so when you don't get what you thought you were wanting just think, God's plan is better for you. He won't lead you astray.

Never fully dressed... have always loved this

I've decided I'm not going to be responsible for letter writing and greeting cards going snail mail to be a lost art. Send me your mailing addresses.

she believed

Uh huh


Real Talk - Inspirational #quotes to live by. #levoinspired www.levo.com


i HOPE SO. (how much time?)

So True

.need to send this to my bosses!!!!!