Peter Abélarde ...was the preeminent philosopher of the 12th century and perhaps the greatest logician, theologian and ethicist of the Middle Ages.

Peter Abelard

Peter Abelard was a medieval French scholastic philosopher, theologian and preeminent logician.[1] The story of his affair with and love for Heloise has become legendary. The Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes him as "the keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th Century"

In 1117 Peter Abelard was castrated in retaliation for his affair with Heloise. Abelard’s affair with the teenaged Heloise is celebrated as one of the great love stories of the Middle Ages, but the girl’s uncle & guardian didn’t see it that way. After he discovered his niece was with child, Canon Fulbert sent some goons to castrate Abelard. After the mutilation, the theologian-philosopher began a monastic life. He was considered to be the greatest scholar of his time

Tragic love and parallel brilliance~Peter Abelard and his devoted Heloise

The tomb of tragic, 12th century lovers Peter Abelard & Heloise at Pere Lachaise Cenetery in Paris. Master Abelard was the most renowned scholar in all of Europe at the time and so he was expected and required to remain celibate. Hence, the problem when he & Heloise fell in love, had the affair, conceived a child and secretly married.... which led to the brutal attack by her uncle's thugs.

Dutch actor Derek de Lint as scholar Peter Abelard in "Stealing Heaven." (1988) The story of tragic, legendary 12th century lovers Abelard and Heloise.

April 21, Anselm of Canterbury, died 1109 one of the greatest theologians of the Middle Ages. He is remembered for emphasizing the maternal aspects of God, and for the theory that the Son of God became human in order to make necessary payment for our sin by Lawrence OP, Ans

Peter Abelard was a famous French teacher & philosopher who was accused of heresy for his teaching the 12th century. He also had an affair with a female student which brought his (celibate) career to an end. Although the pair loved each other for the rest of their lives he became a Monk after being viciously castrated by an angry mob & she became a Nun. Eventually, the pair were buried side-by-side as lovers in a beautiful tomb in Paris.

An absolute faith in god was emphasized. People started to question this. People like Peter Abelard, who had a love affair with Héloïse and used to logic for contradictions in doctrine. Church leaders opposed this and stressed faith for understanding those mysteries. St. Clairvaux challenged Abelard and stressed a union with god. Debates were flourishing in universities. St. Aquinas held faith came first and that reasoning would allow for a greater understanding of god and the natural world.

Scene from the film "Stealing Heaven" (1988) about the tragic, 12th century lovers Abelard and Heloise. Starring Derek de Lint and Kim Thomson. (X rated but tastefully done. Beautiful film.)

Kim Thomson as Heloise in "Stealing Heaven" (1988) The film about the tragic, true-life, 12th century lovers Abelard & Heloise. We know their story because their writings, (letters & books) still exist to this day. No wonder many hundreds of thousands make the pilgrimage to their joint tomb at Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris each year. I've done it myself. Beautiful & moving experience.

Scene from the film "Stealing Heaven" (1988) about the tragic, 12th century lovers Abelard and Heloise. Starring Derek de Lint and Kim Thomson. (X rated but tastefully done. Beautiful film.)

Cora Pearl (1835–July 8, 1886), born Emma Elizabeth Crouch was a 19th century courtesan of the French demimonde, who enjoyed her greatest celebrity during the period of the Second French Empire.

Cora L. V. Scott - one of the best-known mediums of the Spiritualism movement of the last half of the 19th century.

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Letters of Abelard and Heloise by Peter Abelard -- (With a foreward by Ralph Fletcher; the letters were written originally in the 12th century in Latin and reprinted in 1903 from the 1722 edition.) These seven letters of Heloise and Abelard survive and give some insight into the famous and tragic love affair of nearly 900 years ago.

Alpais Ciborium Made in Limoges 11th or 12th century Louvre, Paris, France #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Scenes from "Stealing Heaven" (1988) The true story of the tragic, 12th century lovers Abelard & Heloise who became Monk & Nun and today are buried side-by-side as lovers in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Parris. Their tragic story still survives to this day through their letters and books.

Master Abelard lays defeated & broken after having been viciously beaten & brutalized (castrated) by Heloise's uncle's thugs. This attack changed the course of their lives forever. From the film "Stealing Heaven" (1988) about the tragic, 12th century lovers Abelard & Heloise.

Tamsin Blight (aka Tammy Blee or Tamson) the so-called “White Witch of Helston”, was undoubtedly the greatest of the Cornish conjurors during the 19th Century, and one of Britain’s most famous hedgewitches.