Tiny White Flower Vine Goose Egg Pysanky Earrings by AnsleyLarsson, $38.00

Purple Spring Blossom Goose Egg Pysanky Earrings by AnsleyLarsson, $38.00

pysanky on brown egg

goose egg pysanky - Google Search

Lady Luck Antique Assemblage Earrings by VintageTraveler on Etsy, $52.00

Pysanky egg

'sunrise over paris' vintage assemblage earrings with citrine by The French Circus, $72.00


no white

bells/flowers on etsy


Hoop Earrings Big Hoops Tribal Earrings by eleven44jewelry, $117.00

Victorian Lady earrings ....etsy...$38

Silent Night Crystal Earrings by ThisTimeNextTuesday on #Etsy, 32.00

Eco Little Black and White Celtic Triangles by PysankyBySoJeo, $35.00

Cute and tiny pacman post earrings. Choose your by DoubleBJewelry, $14.00

Reserved Listing For Bossy Burlap Eggs One Dozen by FourRDesigns, $22.00

Moon Drop Amethyst Earrings. Hand Cut by TaxilHoax on Etsy, $62.00

Hanging pysanky are talismans and called Oberih.

Katagi modern silver wire wrapped earrings by MadeBySunflower, $112.00

even in black & white - they're beautiful