Feather nail art. Really cute and easy.

I think I would do this just on one nail instead of all of them

Love the color


snow angel nail polish

Nice summer nails

Geek nails - or anything you'd want to put, really!

Disney nails. This should be pretty easy...even Mickey is dots.

{ essie, bikini so teeny }



Easy DIY Nail Design

paparazzi OPI!


Fun nails with shellac

Super girly pink mani! #pink #nails #glitter #jems #jewels #nailart #nails #nailedit #nailaddict #nailswag #manicure #nude

Easy water marble. Make sure the water is room temp though that seems to work best. Also when you drip the polish into the water work quickly to prevent the polish from drying too much or else it messes up when you make your swirls !! Drip up to 4 different polishes for a pretty rainbow swirl design ! & try to avoid polish with sparkles or shimmer & stick to opaque colors, those show up best.

Love the mani

Cool take on ombre nails