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    Why 90-92% #startups fails? Everything you need to know [ 5 #Infographics] @startup genome @tweakquick According to research carried out by “Startup Genome” 90-92% startups fails. If you are startup #entrepreneurs, here are the essential things you need to know before you take your first step. #Infographics #SocialMedia #internet #social #media #network #networking

  • Elisabeth Karlehav

    Why Startups Fail by @startupgenome [Hmm, interesting for a rookie... so, if you start up you have 50% likeliness to.... totally succeed :) ]

  • Gemma Sole

    Starting Your Own Business? Here’s Why You Might Fail. [Infographic]

  • Luis Alberto Fernández

    Why Startups Fail #infographic #socialmedia #in

  • Officevibe

    The world needs leaders and we want to help make you into your office's superstar employee. Are you up for a challenge? Can you lead? Les us know :) We're working on a way to gamify the office experience to create a better company culture for offices of all sizes and finding a fun way to recognize employees, learn more at

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An infographic examining some of the factors that contribute to startup success. #startups #influence #branding

How to Start a Startup in College #Infographic #infografía

In many cases, money is a key fertilizer for startup growth. Many startups, and many more small businesses, fund themselves through traditional bank loans. Others exchange portions of their companies for an influx of cash. This type of startup funding, known for its high-risk, high-reward nature, is an interesting game to keep track of — and there are entire publications dedicated solely to doing just that. But it can also be hard for outsiders to put it into perspective or understand the insider jargon. The infographic below takes a broad look at the numbers and lingo behind startup funding.

2014 Snapshot of Italian Fintech startups #FinTech #goalsetting and #KPI Experts Follow us now on Twitter @jamsovaluesmart and see the latest news on www.jamsovaluesma...

Who works at startups? This infographic breaks it down.

The key message for startups and entrepreneurs? If at first you don't succeed, be willing to try again!

When it comes to startups, it’s a dog eat dog world… or is that a fish eat fish ocean? This funny graphic looks at the delicate balance of predator vs. prey in the “Startup Ecosystem,” with a ocean themed and cleverly illustrated aesthetic. The CEO whale with a rolex and a coffee mug, and the […]

KIEA 2012 Infographic - Can't get a job? Tired of working for the Man? According to the Kaufmannn index, 543,000 new businesses started each month in 2011. The entrepreneurial spirit abounds. To some extent as a response to joblessness.

Tired of working for the man and think that your idea to create pants that put themselves on automatically can make you successful enough that you nev

The Perks of Working From Home [INFOGRAPHIC] from Mashable. The infographic below, from, details the benefits of telecommuting. The current workforce totals more than 128 million people, and while eight out of 10 people say they would like to work from home, only half are able to cut out their average 25.1-minute commutes.

AMAZING! The Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet [#infographic]