Under the Sea - hummus & bell pepper octopus

Sailing / Boat Theme Party

Banana Dolphins

I want to do something like this for Christmas since it is my theme Ocean/sea and I was thinking a fruit plate, but didn't even think of anything like this. Thanks for sharing.

Fiesta Stuffed Mini Peppers #recipe #appetizer

Under the Sea Snack: Rice Cakes, Cream Cheese, Goldfish Crackers and Veggies



Crabwich! What a fun snack idea.

Fun Food Plate Kids

Candy Sushi! Swedish fish, Fruit roll ups, Twizzlers, rice krispie treats. Adorable.

Hot dog octopuses are super easy to make. Cut the bottom 3/4 into 8 slices to make the tentacles. Boil the hot dog like normal and the legs will spread out naturally. You can use this idea to also make crabs. Cut both sides 1/4 of the way through but only in four pieces. After boiling the hot dog will look like a crab.

Pearly Bites: Kids come up with a pearl every time they dive into one of these sweet under-the-sea-style snacks. They're perfect for ocean-side picnics, beach-themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the sunniest season.

Birthday party food

Octopus hotdogs

Fun with food: getting kids to eat healthy - kid-friendly recipes from Cooking Planit #cooking #kids #recipes

Fill a bowl with guacamole, add cauliflower "clouds," carrot coins, and a pepper strip rainbow to tempt kids to eat their veggies.

This mix will be perfect at Paige's sand and splash birthday party!

Octopus hotdog

Fun Safari Snacks

cute idea for dipping