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The Expendables 2 Cast! - Can't wait to watch this movie, lots of my fave actors.

Oh s**t...thats awesome!

Oh shit...

'Some men just want to watch the world burn' Alex Delarge, The Joker, Tyler Durden (A Clockwork Orange,The Dark Knight, Fight Club)

When I'm feeling a little blue, I can always pull up these pictures of Patrick Stewart being adorable. :-)

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart! Thank you so much Cassie. I need more Sir Patrick Stewart in my life.

The Geek Alphabet, I think T is my favourite... or Y.

The Geek Alphabet

The Geek Alphabet [If I ever have a kid, this will be the alphabet we'll be using]

Pardon me while I jump off a building and see which one saves me first :)

There are plenty of reasons to love superhero movies, but these eight are pretty darn good. Batman green lantern thor captain america superman spiderman wolverine and ironman

shippedout:    Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe

Anne Shirley Gilbert Blythe Love Anne of green gables/avonlea movies! why did they have to stop after Anne of Green Gables the continuing story!

Immortal celebrities. nerdtasticness-random-fandom-a-smorgasbord-of-awes

Actors who don’t age…

Timelords - I can never see without thinking "Mr Anderson" again. And of course Sean Connery's a time lord!

Where the Wild Avengers are

'The Avengers' + Maurice Sendak + Where the Wild Things Are = awesome art work.