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  • Jennifer Braun

    Saddest dog ever:( Stop buying products with animal ingredients and that are tested on animals. Millions of mice, rats, rabbits, cats and dogs are tortured and killed unnecessarily all so you can buy shampoo. There are alternatives out there. Use them!

  • Awareness Helps Ⓥ AnimalsEarthHealth

    You'd never force your best friend to drink shampoo - So why buy from a company that would?

  • Heather Dunlap

    Boo to animal tested products

  • Sirena Green

    testing on animals...ridiculous. test on people!

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I support you and I thank you for all that you do. ♥ "Some on the many unsung heros in our world"-Katrina Westall

A circus is a horrible place for an animal. They deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, and live the free lives nature intended. Boycott Circuses with exotic animals

I fully support the termination of animal testing & try my hardest to only by products from companies who are cruelty free.

Our rescue dog. Support animal shelters!!!

Buy beauty products that are NOT tested on animals. Write against the companies that do torture animals.

PLEASE DON'T support this! BOYCOTT all products with feathers! Kaz tüyü yastik yorgan kullanmayalim lütfen ..

This makes me sad, no wild animal should be caged up like this (look at those eyes :(

Support cruelty free companies and their products. SPREAD THE WORD AND REPIN! CHECK PETA's website for which companies are CURRENTLY cruelty-free.

Adopt! think about the pups who are breeding litters over & over to satify the demand in shops

Cruelty free - because his heart loves no less then your own fur baby - let's seek a end to animal cruelty!