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    Whimsical images sawn into old coins [20 pictures] These coins-turned-pendants are designed and sold by Thornhill Jewellery…

    Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli tinkers with his homemade robot at his house in Beijing on May 15. Tao, 37, spent about $24,400 to build the 7-foot robot out of scrap metal and electric wires he found at second-hand markets. The 500-pound robot took almost a year to complete. This is not Taos first invention: Several years ago he built a fully functioning submarine

    Impossibly stacked rocks seem to defy gravity [12 pictures & video] Michael Grab practices the art of balancing stones. He is able to create stacks of rock that I have trouble accepting as real. But I want to believe…

    Dollhouse made out of an acoustic guitar Miniaturist Lorraine Robinson made this dollhouse for her daughter’s 25th birthday. It’s made out of her daughter’s first guitar…

    Hand-cranked machine takes marbles on an escalator ride then down a ramp (pic and video)

    Rocking horse made of computer keys [3 pictures]

    Extremely realistic carving of a cookbook, cutting board, vegetables, and knife (8 pics).

    How To Make Coca Cola Lorry Christmas Decoration

    Every watermelon has a mouth. You just need to carve until you find it… As Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”… (not quite the same thing here...but we'll go with it) Click for more

    5 Van Gogh paintings re-created with spices Artist Kelly McCollam sprinkles and spreads spices to look like some of Vincent van Gogh’s classics… Starry Night

    Oreo Art 2 Someone's got too much time on their very creative hands..

    Oreo Art 1 Someone's got too much time on their very creative hands..

    Shaded Hammock Raft This awesome creation was originated a few years back in California, at the 2003 UC Davis Picnic Day Event.

    $2,890-worth Penny Pyramid

    Tape Art on Floors

    Tape Art on Floors - 08

    Tape Art on Floors - 07

    Tape Art on Floors - 05

    Zobop 1999, remade on installation by Jim Lambie born 1964

    Tape Art on Floors - 03

    Tape Art on Floors - 02

    Huge, bright, geometric floor designs made with ordinary vinyl tape...