Fruit “Cake”

Fruit Birthday cake Fruit Birthday cake, the main part is watermelon. The garnishing are kiwis, blueberries, strawberries, melon and grapes. All natural. No sugar, no flour, no icing, no eggs .. just fruit. What a nice way to serve a fruit salad!

More paleo birthday cake ideas. Mainly using fruit like water melons or pineapples and decorating with fruit.

fruit waffle cone.

.Frog is eating all the fruit!

Watermelon cake. This is impressive:) Party guests would be in awe of the creator of this masterpiece:)

How to make a fresh fruit cake with a watermelon base.

Melon Cake - have seen a few fruit cakes around, I think I want one for my birthday.

No bake cake

Watermelon Cake

Apple bowls, that sounds healthy.


Funny Birthday cake

Veggie and fruit flower

homemade fruit popsicles

Instead of a fruit and cheese display that is not "user friendly" (aka nobody wants to reach and ruin how it looks) have it already portioned up

Another pinner said- Warning: if you make this cake once, you will be asked to make it again!! Possibly the most loved cake I have ever made! * checked this out- 7 ingredients and only 20 min prep time :)

Easy cake using 2 bundt cakes, chocolate frosting and m & m's.

An interesting twist on creating a beautiful cake.... ᘡղbᘠ

another fruit tray with GOLD!