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PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

The way we laughed the morning I got this ticket made me realize I only ever want to be with you-I love you

Ever since you died, music keeps bringing you back. I wish it would just stop

"I spent my entire pregnancy worrying I wouldn't love my son as much as other mommies because he was conceived with a DONOR EGG. What a waste of time and brain cells! My love for him blows my mind!"

PostSecret: I wish I could have let go and fallen. I think it would have been an incredible adventure.

even when it seems like everything is hopeless, it will and can get better.

PostSecret - The back of this card says: I made this postcard two years ago and never sent it; it seemed too presumptuous to imply I'd made it out of the darkness. Because if we keep going, there are always more tunnels, more challenges, darker darks. But today I realized I have made it somewhere - I've made it to here. And here's pretty good. xx

PostSecret: I've given up on life, but instead of killing myself, I'm running away to Europe to start a new one.

We alll do. And Frank seems to think so too because it is posted twice. Secret from

I fell in love with my husband during our 10th year of marriage.

Hahahah. This is how I feel every day in college!!

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