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40 Geranium Caliente Deep Red Live Plants Plugs Gardens Home Planters 250 A

Add more red geraniums around the backyard and repot three white geraniums from front yard and move to the backyard.

Geranium 'Melinda' (PBR), cranesbill. Throughout the summer masses of small, pale pink flowers with darker pink veins are borne on erect, branching stems over deeply lobed foliage. This is a lovely plant for the front of a border in sun or light shade, and it will help attract butterflies to the garden.

Geranium maderense (AGM) is a robust but short-lived evergreen perennial or biennial with attractively dissected leaves and large panicles of purplish-pink flowers to 4cm across with dark centres. The flowers are borne in Spring, Summer and Winter. It will make 1m-1.5m in height and 50cm-1m spread. It likes full sun, partial shade or full shade in well-drained soil.

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Seed Saving, Preparing for Next Year's Garden

Save some money by saving your own seeds from flowers and plants in your garden…

Hardy Geranium pratense Splish Splash : One of our favourites - white petals splashed and speckled with blue. Hardy Geraniums are perfect for bedding in the borders as they come back with colour year after year! They naturally spread so once you have had them in the garden for a couple of years you can divide them up and have even more plants! Height: 55cm (22"). Spread: 30cm (12").(EG Spring 2013) // db Sp12 $10